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Better_to_Be_Broken_Updated_CoverJust a little promo to let you know that my book, Better to Be Broken, is now available in audio format. I do my own reading which was an untitledinteresting challenge in some places. You can check it out on audible.com or iTunes.com.


I hope you give it a listen and enjoy!


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Better_to_Be_Broken_Updated_CoverI logged into my blog this morning and felt like I was intruding on sacred ground. The “new post” section rang hollow as my brain was attempting to get into the mindset of writing. Probably the best feature of modern day typing is the simple keyboard addition of a backspace key. I employ that talent quite often.


I could offer many excuses of why I have not been writing new posts, but let’s just say “life” and leave it at that.


Two things that I do want to mention. One, my book , Better to Be Broken, is now in audio format. You can purchase a copy of it fromĀ audible.com or iTunes.com. This a great format to get for someone that is not physically ready to read a book. Also something to play in your car while you sit in traffic on your way to work. I did my own narrating which was an interesting experience. So if you are interested in what my voice sounds like, now is your chance to find out. writer's block


The second thing I want to mention is that we have sold our home in South Carolina and moving back to Maine. We have bought some land and will be building an accessible home literally from the ground up. I will be working with contractors to design the perfect ranch home, including accessible landscaping. So make sure and tune in for updates and pics along the way.


For now, I feel like I have kick-started life again. I hope you enjoy my book and I look forward to more writing.





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