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Building a home is filled with many challenges. The biggest challenge that we have facedWP_000577 so far is the price tag! Once we woke up from the sticker shock, we took our dream home and began slimming it down a bit to our reality home. Don’t you just hate reality!?

The land is getting cleared, as you can see from the pictures, and we have settled on the final design. Hopefully the bulldozers will be arriving the first part of January and the real work can begin.

WP_000581So many decisions to make about the inside. We know we are getting wood floors throughout but that is the easy part. Paints, moldings, cabinets, countertops, window styles, door styles and the list goes on. It is fun in one way, but at the same time a little nerve wracking because of the WP_000578finality of the decision. Of course paint choices can be changed, but many things you put in just once and do not want to change. Or that will be it in our case. After going through this once I have no desire to do this again. And some people do this several times to get the perfect house? I can’t imagine. This house is going to be our “perfect” house regardless. So getting it right the first time is a must.

Since I am posting this on Christmas day, I hope that each and every one of my readers have a wonderfully blessed Christmas! I wish all of you a wonderful new year and pray that 2014 will bring you great joy!

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