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Here are the latest pictures of our accessible home. The siding on the outside is now just about complete. The two-tone colors to give it some definition on the front. Since it is a ranch style home, the contractor thought having two colors would help break up the length of the home. Wendy and I were a bit nervous at first with the idea, but we now love it. Both of us tend be the very boring traditionalist when it comes to style. So we broke away from the white house with black shutters…imagine that!

You can also see inside the house they have laid down the lines for the radiant heat. Once they have that all ready, the slab will be poured. My brother Steve who is with the contracting firm Trades Center that is building the house, told me something interesting about the radiant heat lines. They fill the lines with high pressured air when they pour the cement. There is no break in the lines at any point inside of the slab, so if for any chance there is a leak in the lines, the air would cause bubbles in the cement. So a leak would be detected immediately. Okay, maybe that is not so exciting, but I thought it was interesting.

Anyway…soon the work on the interior can begin. So I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do. Once they start on the interior, then you will be able to better see choices that were made to make the home wheelchair friendly. Enjoy!


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