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A nickname that we gave our cat because he truly was the meister of spooking. Jet black and very stealthy, he could evade detection from the best of searching or flashlights.

You may wonder at the odd spelling of his name, Spewky, but our youngest daughter wrote out his name with this spelling when she was 10 years old and it stuck. We did just call him “Spooky” but we all loved the spelling.

Today was a sad day for the rest of Spewky’s family. I knew he was not acting or feeling well, so we brought him to the vets. Not even attempting to use all of the terms the vet used, he had what amounted to congestive heart failure. Fluid had collected around the exterior of his heart and lungs and he was basically drowning. So we made the very difficult decision of having him put down.

We had the “Spewk Meister” for 15 years and he certainly became a part of our family. He will be greatly missed.


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The busy little bees continue to buzz and the ants continue to march as the finishing touches take place on our new home. I try to roll myself in once a day or so just because I am nosey and eager to see the work. So here are a few more pics to update.

Remember I had this home designed barrier free and landscaped so that no ramps are needed to get into the home. I hope you enjoy them!


Back wall with all of the windows of the open concept area with trim work complete and wooden floors down.


Fireplace in the living room area, built in TV area above the fireplace, and kithen off to the right.


Corner bedroom of the home. Wood floors throught the entire home except bathrooms and laundryroom.


View of kitchen taken from where the living will be.





photo 7

Front entrance with kithen on the right and hall on the left leading to library, bedroom and bathroom.

photo 6

Kitchen…I hope you can see the beautiful crown moulding here and countertops.

photo 8

Bathroom floor in Wendy’s and my bathroom.

photo 9

The cutout in the vanity will be where my accessible sink will be placed.

photo 12

Barrier free shower for accessibility. Has oversized drain in the back corner with a 2 inch drop from the entrance. This meets ADA and VA requirements. The door is 36 inches wide.

photo 14

Roll-in shoower with the plumbing fixtures on the back.

photo 11

Wendy’s and my bedroom also with wood flooring.

photo 10

Wendy’s and my bedroom.

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