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For better of worse….we are home. The house is finished and we have officially moved in. So far we have given away enough furniture to furnish another home and we have yet to unpack many of our boxes. I hope that Good Will is ready because we are coming! How many toasters and crockpots can one house possibly need.


I’m embarrassed to post some of these pictures because of all the clutter we are still trying to find room for. But hopefully you will find the forest through the trees and see the vision that we had when building. Of course the best thing is that it is all wheelchair accessible! To me, that has made it worth all the hassles to arrive where we are. So enjoy the pics!


IMG_0693This is the dining room area. Table for eight should be large enoughIMG_0711 for family and friends to sit around, enjoy a cup of coffee and solve all of the world’s problems.








IMG_0710This pic is looking over to the living room area from the dining room. A nice, comfy wrap around sofa, fireplace, TV and piano. A little bit of everything for everyone.IMG_0690 Ignore the Chhuahua wearing the cone of shame.













Here are some shots of the kitchen area. The craftsmanship on the kitchen cabinets is amazing. The pics here do not do it justice. The area is very open allowing for lots of maneuvering room for me. Also a shot of the front door and the door to the right of the kitchen goes into the hall leading to the garage with Wendy’s and my room on the left and the laundry room on the right.




IMG_0699One of the bookshelves I bought for the study. This one is four feet wide and six feet tall and we could use about five more of them for all of the books we have. So if you should ever visit, don’t be surprised of finding books just about anywhere.








This is one of the bedrooms down the hall complete with bookshelf. Every bedroom also has its own TV so you can escape the herds for a little quiet time.








IMG_0713Another bedroom. And as you can see we are gradually getting pictures hung onIMG_0714 the walls. Amazing how the little things turn a house into a home.











IMG_0703This mess is Wendy’s and my room. It does look a little bit better IMG_0704than this now. And our bathroom. You can see the sink cutouts and roll-in shower for me.











Well I guess this ends the virtual tour. I hope you enjoyed it and ignored the mess. Feel free to drop by for a visit and we may just be able to find an extra coffee cup. 🙂










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flowerWendy and I were going into one of our favorite restaurants a couple of days ago when I saw this lonely Blue Bell flower pushing its way up through a blanket of autumn leaves. There was nothing spectacular about it other than it catching my attention. One last attempt of summer holding on. It has be 17 years since we have lived back in Maine. We are seeing everyone hunkering down and getting ready for the long Maine winter. Wood being piled high for the wood stoves, the smell of smoke caressing the air as it drifts from the many chimneys, leaves being raked and shovels on the ready. Life here continues despite the cold winds blowing and snow piling high. My feelings about all of this…I’m looking forward to it. There is a simplicity to life that winter forces upon us. The Blue Bells will return, but for now, autumn is upon us with the hint of winter not far behind. A natural time to sit by the fire and finish the book that has patiently been waiting on my nightstand. My favorite coffee cup and I are looking forward to it.

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