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Bad Memory 

For the past couple of weeks I have been fighting a nasty cold. Colds are not fun for anyone, but even less fun if you are unable to properly cough like in my case. Wendy wanted me to get checked out on Monday so off to the ER we went. All test concluded that all I had was an upper respiratory infection with diminished breathing capacity making it worse. They asked if I had ever had a breathing inhaler to help open my airways. I thought back a ways and said no. Wrong answer. 

They gave me the inhaler and I checked out to go home. Before I got back home I was shaking like a November leaf in a December wind. I figured it was the medication but thought I could sleep it off. After about 30 minutes in bed, I remembered. Nineteen years ago it was a breathing inhaler in that long ago forgotten ICU that sent me over the brink of insanity. And I was rapidly heading there again. 

Thankfully this time I was not on morphine and a mirad of other drugs to make it worse. But the panic was there and I was battling to stay in control. And like so long ago, Wendy was my anchor. She sat next to me in bed the rest of the day and listened to me rant and make little sense as my thoughts ran unchecked. 

I slowly regained what little mind I have while Wendy took everything I said and did in stride. My mother once told me that I had married an angel. I got much better than an angel when I got Wendy. 

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