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For better of worse….we are home. The house is finished and we have officially moved in. So far we have given away enough furniture to furnish another home and we have yet to unpack many of our boxes. I hope that Good Will is ready because we are coming! How many toasters and crockpots can one house possibly need.


I’m embarrassed to post some of these pictures because of all the clutter we are still trying to find room for. But hopefully you will find the forest through the trees and see the vision that we had when building. Of course the best thing is that it is all wheelchair accessible! To me, that has made it worth all the hassles to arrive where we are. So enjoy the pics!


IMG_0693This is the dining room area. Table for eight should be large enoughIMG_0711 for family and friends to sit around, enjoy a cup of coffee and solve all of the world’s problems.








IMG_0710This pic is looking over to the living room area from the dining room. A nice, comfy wrap around sofa, fireplace, TV and piano. A little bit of everything for everyone.IMG_0690 Ignore the Chhuahua wearing the cone of shame.













Here are some shots of the kitchen area. The craftsmanship on the kitchen cabinets is amazing. The pics here do not do it justice. The area is very open allowing for lots of maneuvering room for me. Also a shot of the front door and the door to the right of the kitchen goes into the hall leading to the garage with Wendy’s and my room on the left and the laundry room on the right.




IMG_0699One of the bookshelves I bought for the study. This one is four feet wide and six feet tall and we could use about five more of them for all of the books we have. So if you should ever visit, don’t be surprised of finding books just about anywhere.








This is one of the bedrooms down the hall complete with bookshelf. Every bedroom also has its own TV so you can escape the herds for a little quiet time.








IMG_0713Another bedroom. And as you can see we are gradually getting pictures hung onIMG_0714 the walls. Amazing how the little things turn a house into a home.











IMG_0703This mess is Wendy’s and my room. It does look a little bit better IMG_0704than this now. And our bathroom. You can see the sink cutouts and roll-in shower for me.











Well I guess this ends the virtual tour. I hope you enjoyed it and ignored the mess. Feel free to drop by for a visit and we may just be able to find an extra coffee cup. 🙂










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The busy little bees continue to buzz and the ants continue to march as the finishing touches take place on our new home. I try to roll myself in once a day or so just because I am nosey and eager to see the work. So here are a few more pics to update.

Remember I had this home designed barrier free and landscaped so that no ramps are needed to get into the home. I hope you enjoy them!


Back wall with all of the windows of the open concept area with trim work complete and wooden floors down.


Fireplace in the living room area, built in TV area above the fireplace, and kithen off to the right.


Corner bedroom of the home. Wood floors throught the entire home except bathrooms and laundryroom.


View of kitchen taken from where the living will be.





photo 7

Front entrance with kithen on the right and hall on the left leading to library, bedroom and bathroom.

photo 6

Kitchen…I hope you can see the beautiful crown moulding here and countertops.

photo 8

Bathroom floor in Wendy’s and my bathroom.

photo 9

The cutout in the vanity will be where my accessible sink will be placed.

photo 12

Barrier free shower for accessibility. Has oversized drain in the back corner with a 2 inch drop from the entrance. This meets ADA and VA requirements. The door is 36 inches wide.

photo 14

Roll-in shoower with the plumbing fixtures on the back.

photo 11

Wendy’s and my bedroom also with wood flooring.

photo 10

Wendy’s and my bedroom.

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Greetings fellow bloggers and blogees. What! Blogee is not a real word?! I can’t imagine. 😉

I was informed it was time for an update on the house. Not mentioning any names of course, but here is the update, as requested, from someone in South Africa. Fortunately for all of you other readers that are just tingling with excitement and anticipation, you get the update also. I will just tack on small notes to the pics, and the videos speak for themselves.  Enjoy!


The is taken from the back corner of Wendy’s and my bedroom. The door on the right goes into our bathroom and the door straight ahead goes into the hall coming in from the garage.


This is taken from the kitchen area looking down the main hall in the house. The first door on the right is the library. The last door on the right leads into Wendell and Hilda’s area of the house.


This is taken from the back corner of the dining room. The main part of the house is an open concept consisting of the dining room, the den that you see here and the kitchen is off to the right. The door on the left also leads into Wendell and Hilda’s end of the home. The two holes on the right that you see will be for the fireplace on the bottom and a built in TV on the top.


This is taken from the back corner of the kitchen looking into the main part of the house. Lots of Windows for lots of light. The double glass door will lead out onto the patio at the back of the house.


This is taken from the bathroom door in Wendy’s and my room, looking across the back of the bedroom.


This is the tub/shower enclose and my roll in shower in Wendy’s and my bathroom. The roll in shower is barrier free with a two inch slope down to an oversized drain at the back of the shower.



Front of the house taken from Avery Road.

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Well it has been a long time since I have written in my blog. I think the move from South Carolina to Maine has encouraged me to be lazy. By lazy I mean doing my usual things in life. So rather than writing here, or anywhere, I have been spending hours, literally, at the DMV, town halls and numerous other places getting our residencies changed. Several times I have felt like heading back to South Carolina, but I guess I have too much invested in the move at this point to turn around now.

Anyway…the house is also keeping me busy. That at least is a busy that is enjoyable. I will let the recent pics of progress speak for themselves.

Back of Garage and Utility Room This pic is taken from the garage door looking across the garage to the utility room and the door leading into the house.




RW Bedroom1When you first walk into the house from the garage, if you turn to the right, that will be Wendy’s and my room. This pic is taken from the hall looking into our room.



RW Bathroom DoorRW BathroomRW Tub_ShowerThese three pics are views of our bathroom. The open area next to the tub/shower is my shower. Fixtures, grab bars and oversized drain will meet all ADA requirements and VA requirements as well.



RW BedroomThis is looking from the back corner of our bedroom back into the hall. Wendy’s closet is on the right and my closet is on the left. the room on the opposite side of the hall is the laundry room.



DenComing into the main living section of the house, all open concept, the dining area will be on the immediate left, den straight ahead and the kitchen on the right. Lots of windows here to offer lots of light from the southern exposure.

The door you see here at the end leads into Wendy’s mother’s bedroom area.


FoyerThis the opposite wall from the windows. The fireplace will be on this wall. This is also the hall leading to the library and Wendy’s dad’s bedroom. The front door and foyer is just to the right.



KitchenThis is the front door, foyer, and my brother Steve standing in the kitchen area. I’m taking this pic form the hall leading back into the garage.



The way I designed the home is that there is an open concept central living area for all of us. Wendy’s and my bedroom area is on one end of the house, and Wendy’s parents have the opposite end of the house. Built to offer all of us privacy when we want it.

This week the drywall goes up and then it will start to look more like a home. My brother and all of us will be going out this week to choose all of the light fixtures. Fun!

Hope you enjoy the pics and I will attempt to do better in keeping this relevant.


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Here are the latest pictures of our accessible home. The siding on the outside is now just about complete. The two-tone colors to give it some definition on the front. Since it is a ranch style home, the contractor thought having two colors would help break up the length of the home. Wendy and I were a bit nervous at first with the idea, but we now love it. Both of us tend be the very boring traditionalist when it comes to style. So we broke away from the white house with black shutters…imagine that!

You can also see inside the house they have laid down the lines for the radiant heat. Once they have that all ready, the slab will be poured. My brother Steve who is with the contracting firm Trades Center that is building the house, told me something interesting about the radiant heat lines. They fill the lines with high pressured air when they pour the cement. There is no break in the lines at any point inside of the slab, so if for any chance there is a leak in the lines, the air would cause bubbles in the cement. So a leak would be detected immediately. Okay, maybe that is not so exciting, but I thought it was interesting.

Anyway…soon the work on the interior can begin. So I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do. Once they start on the interior, then you will be able to better see choices that were made to make the home wheelchair friendly. Enjoy!


WP_000944 WP_000946 WP_000947 WP_000948 WP_000949 WP_000951 WP_000952 WP_000963 WP_000964 WP_000966 WP_000967 WP_000968 WP_000969 WP_000970 WP_000971 WP_000972


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WP_000931 Roof is complete and windows and doors are in!WP_000930


The front door has some nice panels on it but hard to see until it is stained.


All of the windows and doors on the back will let in lots of light.





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Despite the long winters of Maine, construction continues. The latest pics show the completed shell, roof, windows and doors being put in. Next week the siding goes on and then it will be completely weather tight and ready to move on with the interior!


All of the building material that is used, lumber, shingles, doors, windows and siding, is being purchased from Hancock Lumber. I can highly recommend the contracting firm I am using, Trades Center Inc. in Biddeford Maine, and Hancock Lumber in Kennebunk Maine. A great team to do business with.


It is killing me being in South Carolina and not able to be on site watching the progress. Of course the work crews are probably glad I am not there. 🙂


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