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I was watching some news for a bit. I felt like being nauseous, and the news is usually the best way for me to accomplish that.

The last thing I looked at was the story of the disabled man being tied up and beaten in Chicago. One news reporter mentioned that if this case is “raised” to the level of a hate crime, the four attackers could face up to 30 years in prison. Most of you have probably seen the news report but here is a link to what happened.

Chicago beating

As I watched the video, and read the report, I wondered something about hate crimes. Is not “hate” the motivator behind all crimes? People love to jump on the “No Hate” band wagon for their favored group. But is one group any more important then another? Politicians fight and babble over gun control. We can take the gun out of someone’s hand, but until the hate is taken out of the man’s heart, there will be no change. If not a gun, then some other weapon.

So we as society have decided how much hate constitutes a hate crime. And what if I disagree with the measuring rod? Does that make me a hater? Am I as guilty as the attackers in the video if I don’t agree with someone?

You are by now thinking this post ridiculous. Maybe it is. Just seems to me that it is just fine for me to hate, as long as I hate the same things you do. Just don’t let my hate leave the boundaries set by society.

But wait…what if we lived in a world with no hate, no violence, no crime, etc. Oh wait, that would be called heaven. I’m not there yet, but watching the news often makes me wish I was.


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Speed bumpMost of us are very familiar with yellow caution signs warning us of impending doom ahead. I would imagine that there is a warning sign for just about every conceivable road danger you could think of. From sinkholes to avalanches, and hundreds between the two. If you remember back to the days of studying for your driver’s license, some of the more common ones had to be committed to memory in order to pass the written test.

New drivers tend to take the caution signs more serious, but only for a short time. We become immune to them after a season and learn to navigate the roads with relative safety. Even so, there will probably be at least one mishap on our driving record because we failed to observe a caution sign.

I remember a joke I heard once about a lady driving on a winding country road. She was enjoying the warm summer day with her windows down, when all of a sudden another car that was careening all over the road was heading straight for her. As the car sped past her, barely avoiding an accident, a male driver started waving his arm out his window at her and yelled “PIG”! ¬†She was instantly furious and waved her arm back at him and yelled “COW”! Then she made the next curve in the road and ran straight into a pig.untitled

Like the highways for our vehicles have caution signs, life also has many caution signs. When we are young, we even commit some of the more common ones to memory. But just like driving a car, we tend to drive our lives the same way. We become familiar with all of the signs and rapidly learn to navigate around them. But there are some caution signs that will cause more than a dented fender. If we miss the “Speed Bump Ahead” sign, we may get a small jolt from driving over it too fast, but all should end well. But what if we miss the sign that reads “Danger – Bridge out”? That could end in very different results.

Better_to_Be_Broken_Updated_CoverI lived much of my life ignoring caution signs because I thought I could always maintain control. Serious life situations only happen to other people…right? Wrong. Caution signs in life are there for a reason, not just to give counseling support groups new members.

So let me encourage all of us to keep our eyes open and pay attention caution advice. I write this blog as a man that did not observe caution signs. If you are interested in reading what my personal story is, check out my website http://www.rickhuntress.org and get a copy of my book Better to Be Broken.

There are always consequences when we choose to ignore caution signs.

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