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I was watching some news for a bit. I felt like being nauseous, and the news is usually the best way for me to accomplish that.

The last thing I looked at was the story of the disabled man being tied up and beaten in Chicago. One news reporter mentioned that if this case is “raised” to the level of a hate crime, the four attackers could face up to 30 years in prison. Most of you have probably seen the news report but here is a link to what happened.

Chicago beating

As I watched the video, and read the report, I wondered something about hate crimes. Is not “hate” the motivator behind all crimes? People love to jump on the “No Hate” band wagon for their favored group. But is one group any more important then another? Politicians fight and babble over gun control. We can take the gun out of someone’s hand, but until the hate is taken out of the man’s heart, there will be no change. If not a gun, then some other weapon.

So we as society have decided how much hate constitutes a hate crime. And what if I disagree with the measuring rod? Does that make me a hater? Am I as guilty as the attackers in the video if I don’t agree with someone?

You are by now thinking this post ridiculous. Maybe it is. Just seems to me that it is just fine for me to hate, as long as I hate the same things you do. Just don’t let my hate leave the boundaries set by society.

But wait…what if we lived in a world with no hate, no violence, no crime, etc. Oh wait, that would be called heaven. I’m not there yet, but watching the news often makes me wish I was.


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A philosophical question for you to ponder.

I recently had a discussion with someone that was philosophical in nature and posed the question of fences or fountains. Actually in this case, only one fountain.

The premise of our discussion was “Would it be better to live in a world with or without fences?” The fences representing rules, laws and regulations. In this world there is only one fountain and we must drink from it daily for survival. The fences act as checks that would always keep us in sight of the fountain.

Each person has the choice of living in a free-range world with only the fountain and no fences, or, living in a world that has the fountain and fences. The danger of having no fences is the possibility of wandering too far away from the fountain and dying in the wilderness. The danger of having fences is that we only stay near the fountain because we have no choice to do otherwise.

I was debating this unusual world with someone that I consider to be very intelligent and also has a good dose of common sense. We landed on different sides of the spectrum. He thought we needed to live in a world without fences and have the choice of staying near the fountain for our survival. That was his way of expressing loyalty to the fountain for life.

I on the other hand prefer fences to be present that serve the purpose of keeping me near the fountain. I believe I can stay loyal to the fountain, but would have the added protection of the fences in case I start to wander too far.

So what type of person are you? Fences or no fences?

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