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Greetings to an audience long since gone. It has been so long since I logged in here that I had to look up my login information.

I wanted to pass along some information about my youngest daughter, Ariel.

Just three more days and she will be finished with her MAT. (Masters of Art in Education) Her diligence has amazed me. I do remember being her age once upon time, but I get tired just watching everything that she does.

Her entire life is centered around serving God in whatever capacity that would be. She has always had a heart for missions and has eagerly prayed that a door would open for her where she could serve best.

Well, the door has been opened. She will be leaving in July for Mexico. There she will be teaching a classroom of 5th and 6th graders at a school belonging to New Tribes Mission. You can check out there web site at New Tribes Mission

She is currently in the process of raising support, both prayer and financial, and is busy getting out to churches, writing prayer letters, prayer cards, and many other things that I know little about. I believe her old dad is becoming technologically challenged. lol

She has also started her own blog. This blog will be her way of staying in touch with people interested in her ministry/adventures in Mexico. And yes I believe she will have plenty of adventures to share. The name of her blog is Lion Of God

I hope that you will check it out and follow it to offer her encouragement along the way. When she was young, she was terrified to not be within reaching distance of her mother. So watching her grow up into a confident young lady, who has such a passion for people, has been an amazing journey.

She leaves for Florida mid June for some training before heading off to Mexico. I personally covet your prayers and well wishes for her mission, purpose and safety. I have no doubt that she has become a Lion(ess) For God and am eager to see the fruits of her ministry.



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blizzardsDespite weather that portends the next ice age, work continues. Last week I made the trek to Maine for meetings with the contractor. I decided to drive the coastal route to avoid the mountains and possible icy roads. But storms chased me all the way there and all the way back to South Carolina. Northeasters, blizzards, sub zeroearthquake temperatures and even an earthquake in South Carolina made for a very interesting and fast paced week. So I did another bobsled run…only this time down interstate 95 in my van! But I finally made it to Maine just in time to get snowed in up there. But the meetings with the contractor were necessary and beneficial.

front doorI had to choose siding, roofing, doors, windows, flooring, kitchen cabinets, vanities, counter tops,imagesZX5SUZZ1 paint colors and plumbing and electrical placements. I told Wendy to stay glued to her phone because I would be asking a lot of questions! After two days of that, I had a wonderful headache and got trapped in Maine by yet another northeaster. The weatherYellow House forecasters kitchenpredicted one sunny day before the next storm hit. I grabbed the opportunity and headed back to South Carolina. I made it as far as Delaware before the storm hit me. I spent the night and woke up the next morning to a beautiful sunny day and clear roads! So the rest of my trip back to South Carolina was smooth sailing.


You can see from the pics that the footers are all set for the cement. As I type this the workers are on sight and should be pouring the cement. I feel like things are starting to fall into place. I am a bit nervous about all of the choices that I made. Once things are ordered and finished, there is no return. I hope the house ends up looking like one that could be in Better Homes and Gardens. My fear is that it will look like The Big, The Bad, and The Ugly. But you know what? We are going to live in it anyway and like it! lol

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Getting together with friends is one of the many joys of life. Whether going out for lunch, drives in the country, shopping or just sharing a cup of coffee together, friends make it better. But when friends all decide to meet at a home that is not wheelchair accessible, someone like me in a wheelchair could feel left out.

If your personality happens to be like mine, I don’t feel left out or targeted when I’m not able to get into people’s homes. A home is intended to be personal, and represent the style and taste of the owners. There may be tiered landscaping, stairs, multiple floors, etc. And if you are fortunate to live in an older home, there will be many corners with narrow hallways and doors. I certainly do not expect friends to cater to me being in a wheelchair, and redesign their dream home for an occasional visit from me.

Someone asked me if I could write a post offering some practical and inexpensive ideas to make a home accessible for company in wheelchairs. I know that many news homes are now built meeting ADA standards for accessibility which is a great thing for disabled people looking for a home purchase. But, what if you are like me and want to live in the old style homes with many nooks and crannies, narrow steep stairs and natural landscaping?

I have a friend in Maine that lives in a traditional New England farm that was built in 1790. Even if I did nothing more than sit in the driveway and stare at the beautiful architecture, I would be content. I had been in her home before my injury and she was determined that I would get in again. But with granite block steps and narrow doors, it looked a little daunting. But where there is a will, there is a way. So with Wendy and I working together (Wendy doing the work), we are able to get into her kitchen and visit there. I’m not able to go into the rest of her beautiful home because of the narrow doors, but, I would not have her change a thing. It would seem like desecration of a piece of history to me.

Now, all of this being said, there are some simple things that can be done to a home to make it “wheelchair friendly” that will not destroy your home. Let’s start with getting into a home that has steps. The easiest and least expensive method here would be to own a portable metal ramp. This type of ramp is something you can just keep in storage until you need it. I have one and they work great. If we are going over to someone’s home, we pack it up and bring it with us. It just unfolds and lies on top of the steps forming a ramp. Then with just a little assistance if needed, voila, you are inside the home.

Inside of your home the first thing to consider is placement of furniture. Try to have the approach to doorways a straight shot without needing to make sharp turns. This will make even the more narrow doorways possible to get through. If you have doorframes separating rooms in your home, but without the actual door, you can have a carpenter redo the door jams which can give a couple more inches to any door. If there is a door that is used, like for a bathroom or bedroom, there are specially designed hinges known as pocket pivot hinges. These allow the door to swing completely out of the door frame affording more space. Another option here is to install a pocket door. A carpenter can fix this up fairly quickly and without great expense. We have a couple of these in our home in Maine, an older home, and they work great.

The last room I would consider would be the bathroom. Most bathrooms have a vanity style sink that is difficult for people in wheelchairs because of the cabinet. One solution would be to redesign the vanity so there is no cabinet beneath the sink. Another option, depending on how your bathroom is designed, would be to install a wall mounted sink. This is what we have at our cabin in Maine which works perfect for me. Also remember to move the mirror low enough so that a person sitting in front of the sink can see into the mirror. You can sit in a regular chair to test the heights. One last thing would be to install an accessible shower. The market is flooded with many types, designs and price ranges. These can be great for anyone, not just people in wheelchairs.

Well those are the basics that I would consider. The best thing that you can do to make your home accessible, is to make your disabled friends feel welcome. If I know you are sincerely glad to have me visit, then little things that are not accessible in the home will not matter at all. Besides, you will be the one repainting scraped door jams when I leave, not me.  Smile.

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