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March 20, 2017 marked a day of loss for a very good friend of ours. Her mother passed away. Less than two years ago, I lost both of my parents and so I understand how she is feeling at this moment.

We knew her mother and she was a wonderful Christian lady. There is no doubt in my mind that she is now absent from her body and present with her Lord. I know that the family is as assured of this fact as I am, but it does not take away the sorrow and loss that is being felt right now.

Sorrow and loss are feelings that we all must face because our original perfection was destroyed by our open rebellion against God. Yet God, in His mercy, chose not to leave us in our sinful state, but in His Sovereign Will, would one day restore that perfection.

Until all of creation is renewed, we will be very well acquainted with shedding tears. There is nothing wrong with expressing sorrow over lost loved ones. Jesus himself wept in the Scriptures. There are two recorded instances of Jesus crying. Once over the loss of a dear friend and the second over His beloved Jerusalem. However, Isaiah 53:3 tells us that the suffering Messiah would be “a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.”

Throughout the life of Christ, I believe that he saw tremendous amounts of sorrow and grief. I also believe that because of His love for us, he shed many silent tears.

We are told that time heals all things. As nice as that sounds, I do not believe that. Death is our enemy. We were created to live, not to die. I’m not even sure that time lessens our sorrow and grief over the loss of a loved one. I think it is more accurate to say that we become adjusted to live with the loss. Regardless of the years that will pass, one rogue memory brings everything back, and that feeling of loss will still be there.

First Thessalonians 4:13 is the light at the end of the very dark tunnel of sorrow. That light is hope. So yes, even as Christians we will experience sorrow and grief. Our consolation in this is that we know a day is coming where our hope will be fulfilled in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture is Revelation 21:4 which states “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

For now, my family grieves for our friend and her family for their loss. I pray that in the days to come, she will cling close to our Savior and be assured that one day soon, the sorrow will be gone and our age old enemy, death, will be swallowed up in Victory.


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It has been so long since I have logged into my own blog that I could not remember the password. That may be good for the two of you that read this, but I’m not sure yet.

Do I have a good reason for dropping out of life? Or perhaps I should ask is there ever a good reason for dropping out of life. I wish I had a good answer to that question without relying on some old and pat cliché.

The past two years have not been good. Starting with the death of my mom on July 7, 2015, a very good friend on July 18, 2015, my father-in-law on September 5, 2015, my dad on October 9, 2015 and the list continues on like that for two years.

Of course many have told me that I am depressed or wallowing in the depths of despair and need to seek out “professional” help. I do not feel depressed and I am not wallowing anywhere (outside of the occasional times I get my wheelchair stuck in the mud).

What I do feel is reflection. Even now I have a very good friend in New Zealand, from playing on line games, who is only 35 years old, laying in a hospital bed, and feels like giving up. I also have another very good friend in NYC that is scheduled for back surgery on Tuesday for spinal stenosis. So this new year is not looking much brighter then the last two years.

It is very easy to ask why…but we all know why. What I ask is “Have I done enough?” Have I been there when people need me? Have I offered a smile, held their hand, laughed with them, cried with them. Could I have done more? These are the questions that cause me to reflect as I go into 2017.

My only New Year’s resolution is that I want to be a better person for people when they need me most.

In my book, regret is a much worse feeling then depression.

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Greetings to an audience long since gone. It has been so long since I logged in here that I had to look up my login information.

I wanted to pass along some information about my youngest daughter, Ariel.

Just three more days and she will be finished with her MAT. (Masters of Art in Education) Her diligence has amazed me. I do remember being her age once upon time, but I get tired just watching everything that she does.

Her entire life is centered around serving God in whatever capacity that would be. She has always had a heart for missions and has eagerly prayed that a door would open for her where she could serve best.

Well, the door has been opened. She will be leaving in July for Mexico. There she will be teaching a classroom of 5th and 6th graders at a school belonging to New Tribes Mission. You can check out there web site at New Tribes Mission

She is currently in the process of raising support, both prayer and financial, and is busy getting out to churches, writing prayer letters, prayer cards, and many other things that I know little about. I believe her old dad is becoming technologically challenged. lol

She has also started her own blog. This blog will be her way of staying in touch with people interested in her ministry/adventures in Mexico. And yes I believe she will have plenty of adventures to share. The name of her blog is Lion Of God

I hope that you will check it out and follow it to offer her encouragement along the way. When she was young, she was terrified to not be within reaching distance of her mother. So watching her grow up into a confident young lady, who has such a passion for people, has been an amazing journey.

She leaves for Florida mid June for some training before heading off to Mexico. I personally covet your prayers and well wishes for her mission, purpose and safety. I have no doubt that she has become a Lion(ess) For God and am eager to see the fruits of her ministry.



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379272_336372316469200_713330326_nI just attended the funeral of a friend this past week. We lived about five hours apart so we did not see each other very often. But we did email, an occasional phone call and he even traveled to Israel with us in 2010. He was very young, 35, and in a wheelchair like me. His paralysis was different than mine and was the result of being hit by a car which resulted in traumatic brain injury and paralysis. Cognitively he was fine but was left with debilitating motor functions.

Marcus was an amazing man. His injury occurred when he was five years old, so being in a wheelchair was about the only way of life he remembered. Yet Marcus shined. He was a quiet sincere person that people enjoyed being around. I remember a couple different times when we were in Israel together, our group would be running around taking pictures and buying out gift shops, but he and I would choose to find a cafe for a coffee and a chance to talk. His mother would join us and we would have a wonderful time doing nothing.

Marcus was a poet, a singer and had so much to share for anyone who would stop and listen. He had devoted his entire life to serving his savior Jesus Christ and serving others around him. The physical limitations that he had in life he considered to be very minor. Others would look at falling, stroke like paralysis and lack of independence as major obstacles in life. But not Marcus. He lived each day with a smile, a dry sense of humor and the desire to live life. He had gone to college and had an undergrad, but was continuing his education. He wrote. He sang. He was an inspirational speaker and never missed an opportunity to talk with people about his personal testimony and relationship with God. Marcus was a hero.

He will be missed by everyone that knew him. So I dedicate this posting to Marcus Twisdale and share his testimony with you. Hopefully by reading it you will get to know just a little bit about a great man.


God’s Grace
Potter Crafting Pot on Potter's WheelI’d like to express once again how grateful I am that the Lord has chosen to use me. I’m a frail vessel just like anyone else whose feet trod the ground of this planet. I have nothing to offer the Father that He doesn’t already have and more of. He’s righteous, I’m filthy; He’s infinite, I’m finite; He’s incorruptible, I’m corruptible; He’s omnipotent, I’m weak. He has used me as He did Job to show His glory as the God of faithfulness. When all was done and the tests were over God was still there.

I can’t say I’ve suffered as much as Job but I do believe God is a Just and Righteous God. He has loved me enough to save my soul from an eternity without Him and loves me still to use this vessel.

God has taken me from birth to where I am now with a few road blocks along this thirty year trek but continues, as He said He would, to provide for my needs “according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” The One Who “spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all,” has provided for me time and time again. When times ran rough all I needed to do was go to His throne of grace “to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

At five years of age, Aug. 17, 1982, the Lord displayed his strength in my life. I was hit by a car in my neighborhood. Given a 50/50 chance of coming out of surgery, no one knew what to expect. But God had a plan as He always does. He prevented total paralysis of which the doctors thought would be the case. He provided strength to move and much more that was highly unexpected. God prevented the development of a speech impediment and gave a good strong voice. He prevented the inadequacy of limited movement, if any, and allowed me to stand and walk for as long as I did.

I’ve had four surgeries on my legs and one on my good arm back on Aug. 8, 2006 and God’s grace has provided after every operation to carry on for Him. Things have had to be adjusted but, again, God provided what I needed.

I’d like, for the next few lines, to talk about an instance involving God’s providence. Back on April 2, 2002, four months after starting and continuing to take muscle relaxers for leg tremors, not knowing I had “Walking pneumonia” also, a friend of mine found me in my dorm room @ Liberty Univ. passed out on my floor. I was the only one using the room, the door was shut and locked and I wasn’t scheduled to meet anyone anytime soon. God provided a friend to think about me. It was because of God’s grace to provide and my friend’s inquiring mind that I am here for further service.
I wrote this short testimony for two reasons; one is that I wanted this to be an encouragement to someone. Seeing what God has done through people of faith in Him always brings a smile to my face. Second, today is the 25th anniversary of the day my life shifted gears for the glory of God and I wanted to tell of what He had done for me one more time.

Ps. 9:11, Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people His doings.

Lord bless you all,
George (Marcus) Marks Twisdale, Jr.

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This blog is very different from my usual posts about the daily aspects of living with a disability. I will be back on topic starting Saturday. I will be taking all of you along with me on a Mediterranean cruise! So consider this post a narrative interlude between living at home with a disability, and traveling with a disability.

But in the meantime, I’m sure that many of you do not know that I have recently had a book published. The name of the book is “Better to Be Broken.” Not only is it a journaling of my injury and the journey that has brought me to where I am now, it is also a very transparent look at Rick Huntress as a man. Yes my body is now broken, but there is also a spiritual brokenness that my book talks about. Both are important and both are good. You did not read that wrong. I said “both” are good.

So if I have piqued your curiosity at all, now is your golden opportunity to get a copy of “Better to Be Broken.”

Starting tomorrow, October 2nd, The Kindle Select edition of my book “Better to Be Broken” will be completely FREE for two days only. http://www.amazon.com/Better-to-Be-Broken-ebook/dp/B009C048Y8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1349122659&sr=8-2&keywords=rick+huntress

October 2-3 you will be able to download onto your Kindle my book. “But I don’t have a Kindle” you are saying. That is simple to correct–you can download the Kindle App for free also on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry or Windows phone 7. Get your free app here http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

So if you, or someone you know, could use some encouragement and hope in life, now is your chance to find that hope in my book “Better to Be Broken for absolutely FREE!

But remember only for the next two days, October 2 and October 3.

So don’t miss out–download your free copy today!

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