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I just got home late last night from a week of skiing with NEHSA (New England Healing Sports Association).

This was the first sports clinic that I have been too and I now realize how much fun I have missed for the past 20 years.

This particular clinic was held at Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire. I cannot say enough good about the organization, the location and the Veteran’s Administration for putting on such an event.

The skiing was SO much fun! But the bonus for me was meeting so many great participants and volunteers to make the week a huge success.

A special thanks to my ski instructors, Mark and Kevin! They were phenomenal to work with and get to know. And to Ken who joined in with our group and let us use his Go-Pro to capture one of my “finest” moments! lol

The plaque on the trophy that I was awarded says it all! And here is a link to a video to show my comedic moment. Skiing 




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I was watching some news for a bit. I felt like being nauseous, and the news is usually the best way for me to accomplish that.

The last thing I looked at was the story of the disabled man being tied up and beaten in Chicago. One news reporter mentioned that if this case is “raised” to the level of a hate crime, the four attackers could face up to 30 years in prison. Most of you have probably seen the news report but here is a link to what happened.

Chicago beating

As I watched the video, and read the report, I wondered something about hate crimes. Is not “hate” the motivator behind all crimes? People love to jump on the “No Hate” band wagon for their favored group. But is one group any more important then another? Politicians fight and babble over gun control. We can take the gun out of someone’s hand, but until the hate is taken out of the man’s heart, there will be no change. If not a gun, then some other weapon.

So we as society have decided how much hate constitutes a hate crime. And what if I disagree with the measuring rod? Does that make me a hater? Am I as guilty as the attackers in the video if I don’t agree with someone?

You are by now thinking this post ridiculous. Maybe it is. Just seems to me that it is just fine for me to hate, as long as I hate the same things you do. Just don’t let my hate leave the boundaries set by society.

But wait…what if we lived in a world with no hate, no violence, no crime, etc. Oh wait, that would be called heaven. I’m not there yet, but watching the news often makes me wish I was.


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It has been so long since I have logged into my own blog that I could not remember the password. That may be good for the two of you that read this, but I’m not sure yet.

Do I have a good reason for dropping out of life? Or perhaps I should ask is there ever a good reason for dropping out of life. I wish I had a good answer to that question without relying on some old and pat cliché.

The past two years have not been good. Starting with the death of my mom on July 7, 2015, a very good friend on July 18, 2015, my father-in-law on September 5, 2015, my dad on October 9, 2015 and the list continues on like that for two years.

Of course many have told me that I am depressed or wallowing in the depths of despair and need to seek out “professional” help. I do not feel depressed and I am not wallowing anywhere (outside of the occasional times I get my wheelchair stuck in the mud).

What I do feel is reflection. Even now I have a very good friend in New Zealand, from playing on line games, who is only 35 years old, laying in a hospital bed, and feels like giving up. I also have another very good friend in NYC that is scheduled for back surgery on Tuesday for spinal stenosis. So this new year is not looking much brighter then the last two years.

It is very easy to ask why…but we all know why. What I ask is “Have I done enough?” Have I been there when people need me? Have I offered a smile, held their hand, laughed with them, cried with them. Could I have done more? These are the questions that cause me to reflect as I go into 2017.

My only New Year’s resolution is that I want to be a better person for people when they need me most.

In my book, regret is a much worse feeling then depression.

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March has been a busy month for me. I have spoken four times this month to various groups, and I have one speaking engagement left. The “business” has been good for me in many ways. In February I felt like a helium balloon that had a slow leak. No particular reason why…just sometimes I think the day to day ordinary things in life can do that to me. Perhaps does that to many people.

Then I get to speak with other people that are going through difficult circumstances in their lives, for whatever reason, and I feel like I am able to help. But I don’t think they realize how much they help me. I have spoken at a medical interpretation class at a college, support groups and a group of moms with special needs children. Each group may think they are getting blessed or motivated by me, but in reality, it is them that are giving me the blessing and the motivation to keep rolling.

Once again I get to prove my point that reaching out to help others, helps me more. God designed us to think of others first. When that gets skewed, we feel it. Something is not quite right but the reason seems to allude us. Then the opportunity to reach out to those around us presents itself, and the sun shines just a little brighter.

People with disabilities may feel like we have little to offer in the way of help…but that is so wrong. Be a friend, sent a note of encouragement, hold someone’s hand. When you do, the blessing will be two-fold as we see a smile that we helped create. So why wait? I’m sure you know someone that could use a kind word of encouragement.

Start today!

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The worst part of traveling, to me at least, is the packing. Now I will probably get in trouble for saying this, but, the stress of packing comes from my wife. Wendy is very methodical and has the tendency to over-think things. While at home I very much appreciate her efficiency and she keeps our home running smoothly at all times. Packing however throws her into a panic because of her fear of the unknown I guess. She packs by the “what if” method. What if we need…what if we run out of…what if…and the list goes on.

You see the suitcases and such in the picture I took? We have been packing now for two weeks and we don’t leave until October 18th! So I have learned over the years to let Wendy do her thing, and I toss something into the pile when I think of it.

Since my injury, I now have to pack a lot of extra medical supplies that I never had to deal with in the past. If I should forget to bring the right amount of underwear with me, I’m not overly concerned. I can make due. But if I forget to bring certain necessary medical supplies, then I have a problem that is difficult to deal with overseas. Medical supply businesses can be readily found in the USA, but overseas might be a different story. As a remedy for me forgetting anything, I have a list and can keep a bag packed at all times. Sort of like a mobility bag in the military. Always packed and ready to grab as I roll out the door.

IMPORTANT: One nice thing to mention here about packing for disabled people is to put all of your medical supplies into one suitcase. There are no baggage charges for medical supplies as long as those are the only things in the bag. That is a very nice savings. Another thing that we do is to mark all of our things so that they are easily recognized when we are getting our luggage. In our case I use fluorescent duck tape on everything. Many people have taken to doing this so you may want to come up with your own creative idea for marking your luggage.

Like most people, I have my favorite clothes that I tend to wear the most. I have my clothes bag packed with all my favorites, and this week I get to explore things hanging in the back of my closet or tucked away in the bottom of my dresser drawers that rarely see the light of day. I also just leave a suitcase open, and as the days progress, I toss in things I think of as I roll by.

My style of packing can really annoy Wendy because we think quite differently. But after 29 years of wedded bliss, we just let each other do our own thing in order to maintain the bliss part of wedded.

My last piece of advice here for disabled travelers is to allow PLENTY of time at the airport. The last thing I need is to be rushed and stressed out at the airport. So arrive early, check in early, get frisked early and relax at your terminal while you “people watch.” Who knows, you may even see me watching you!


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