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IMG_0728Wendy and I had the joy of going to the wedding yesterday for the daughter of some great friends of ours. She is the same age as our oldest, Kara, and we have watched her grow up over the years.

They live in North Carolina, about a three hour drive from where we live. So as usual, I IMG_0746drive, Wendy sleeps. But like everything we do, we turn it into a mini adventure. So we allowed plenty of time to get there and stopped along the way if something looked interesting (like Dairy Queen).

I also think I need to change a setting on our GPS. We must have it set for shortest distance. That is fine most of the time, but in the country, that can lead to trouble. My “low-riding” minivan is not made for cross country mudding! We found ourselves on a road that needed a 4×4, complete with muddy water and rocks. Wendy just kept saying “oh no!” and gasping as we sunk into another crater. But we made it through without leaving any van parts behind. However, tomorrow is bath day for the van.

When we arrived at the church, which was beautiful, we sat in the foyer for a bit talking to people and got to meet some wonderful new friends. Then the parents of the bride, Alan and Dorene, came out and Dorene burst into tears when she saw us+. It opened the flood gates for all of us as we all joined in at different levels. I got blamed for making her cry…little innocent me…just sitting there!

IMG_0753They had arranged a front row seat for Wendy and me so we would not miss any of the ceremony. I never mind the front row, but with Wendy, I know something interesting will happen, I just wait and wonder what it will be this time. And of course being in the front row, everyone gets to enjoy it. This time it involved the wedding bulletin. There I was, sitting there minding my own business, while Wendy fidgets. First she has to get the camera out of her purse, then a cough drop, takes her coat off because it is hot, puts her coat back on because it is now cold, etc. Then it happens. She decides that I must be hot, and taking the bulletin, begins to “vigorously” fan my face with it. I think her depth perception must be off a bit, because the next thing I know, she is beating my nose with it. I just calmly sit there now with a paperIMG_0729 cut on the end of my nose gushing blood (slight exaggeration), as she flops over in the pew bursting out in hysterical giggles. Nice that she can duck out of site while I just “smile and wave” to everyone watching us. Oh well, such is my lot in life, and I would have it no other way.

The Bride was beautiful as was the Wedding. We then went to the reception and had a great time getting to meet the many family and friends of both the bride and groom. We had a wonderful day watching a new beginning for a young couple. May they always remember the love they feel for each other and I wish them the best of life.

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My beautiful family

My beautiful family

All good things must come to an end. When we left Crete, we were going to spend the last day of our cruise on open waters as we sailed back to Italy. The last day and half on the sea was a chance to wind down from the rapid pace tour we had just finished through five countries. I personally was ready for some down time.

I had taken the many pictures off my camera card and uploaded them to my laptop. It was fun going through them as each one brought back a different memory: The majestic sights of ancient civilizations, unfamiliar languages being spoken all around us, and delightful smells of the new and enticing foods we got to sample every day. Even the Mediterranean Sea wanted to leave us with a memory. There were storms that night, and in the darkness we could see flashes of lightening with distant rumbles of thunder. The water was a bit rough and it could be felt aboard the ship. It was nothing drastic, but there was a definite gentle rocking of the floating city that we were on. That next morning as I brushed my teeth, I would start out at the sink in my wheelchair and then slowly roll across the bathroom stopped only by the opposite wall. I kept brushing as the ship slowly rocked back the other way rolling me back to the sink. It was like the cartoons I remember as a kid of people trying to eat on a ship and the food would slide across the table each time they reached for it. Wendy and I found it quite amusing and fortunately neither of us are prone to sea sickness. Some in our group were not so lucky.

Our group had two final get-togethers nicely wrapping up the past 15 days. Wendy and I wandered around the ship enjoying the afforded pleasures one last time. That night was also our last formal night for dining. One of the couples sitting at our table was celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary and of course I had to put the dining crew on high alert. At the end of the meal they were serenaded by the staff from our section in English and Italian. They also got a special cake with a large candle to blow out. All of it made for great fun and a great memory.

When we docked in Italy, I had my private van waiting for me with the same driver that I had at the start of the cruise. It was nice to recognize someone. He drove us to the airport and made sure that all of our luggage and us were being assisted by an agent before he said goodbye. The agents at the airport were great and personally ushered us through customs so that we would not have any holdups. Our group started to disperse at this point since we were flying back to different destinations. I think there were about 10 from our group that was on the same plane.

We had a night flight back to the USA and I dozed off and on. I never sleep very well on planes but being very tired helped. After one layover in Philadelphia, we were bound for Greenville, SC. Kara and Ariel were there waiting for us with big smiles and hugs.

Without a doubt, this particular trip was one of the best that I have ever been on. But as we all learned from the Wizard Of Oz, “There’s no place like home.”

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