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Frigid temperatures, mixed with a lot of snow, has not stopped the progress. The bulldozers and backhoes are on site prepping the ground for construction. Finishing off the clearing of the front acre where the house will sit, grading the ground, digging site for the septic, moving a section of the stonewall for the driveway and drilling the well are all things needed before the building begins.

Since most homes in the north have full basements, ours is a bit different in that it will be sitting on a slab. There is a cost factor in that decision, but also for us, a basement would be of little use outside of a place to become secret hoarders. Come to think of it, that is what most basements I have ever been in ends up as. A receptacle of junk that isn’t good enough to use, but not quite bad enough to throw away. So our home will be sitting on a slab.

Because of the winter months right now, the construction process is to dig out the foundation, pour the concrete for the frost walls, put in all of the sub gravel and crushed stone for the slabĀ and then build the structure. Once it is weather proof, they come in to put in the radiant heat in the floor and then pour the slab. This protects the slab from drastic temperature changes and cracking.
















The blueprints have the interior walls set in place, but sometime in March we will be making another trip to Maine to see progress and make sure of the up and coming detail work: columns, trim work, crown molding, etc. Much better to get it all right the first time rather than the expense of ripping it out to redo something.

We are currently picking out the exterior colors for the siding and trim, and the shingles. A little bit nerve wracking since no matter how many samples a person looks at, the final product always tends to be just a shade off. Paint on a wall is one thing, an entire house is another.


For now, here are some more pictures of what is going on.

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WP_000532It may not be Christmas yet, but I am just about as excited. We found a perfect building lot in Waterboro, Maine. It is right in the center of everything that we need to be involved with once we move home. Very close to all of our family and so we can help out when needed. Huntress Bridge Road is not the road we will be living on…but it is home!


Finding the right building lot took a lot of time. There is plenty of land for sale but we were looking for very specific qualities because of accessibility concerns. For instance, lots that were beautiful but on the side of a mountain were out of the question. I would have felt trapped inside of our home if every time I went outside I rolled down a mountainside.


I would recommend to anyone who is buying land, or a home, to find a broker that you like and trust. We had a fantastic one. He photo4instantly knew what we were looking for and why. He did not waste our time showing us MLS listings that would not work. I asked many questions of photo1him that he was always willing to find answers for. He certainly went above and beyond his call of duty. Since we are still living in South Carolina, I had to depend on him a lot to find the perfect location. I also had my brother looking with him at land. My brother’s construction firm will be building our home and he is very familiar with disability needs.


Once we found a lot and signed a contract, Wendy and I made a trip to Maine to check it out. We spent a week there going over plans on how it would work best, took lots of pictures, talked to neighbors and put mock computer homes onto the property to see how it would look. Once we were sure it would work for us, we closed on the deal.photo5


Now the real fun begins. We are already getting the land cleared and hopefully by next week we will settle on the final design. Then the footprint can be started on, septic put in and well drilled. We are currently going through lots of home magazines and contractor books to settle on things like siding, roofing, chimneys, etc. The inside choices will come a little later.


The pics do not look like much right now but it will give you an idea. The lot is surrounded by old beautiful New England stone walls. We are getting them back into ship, shape condition. After about 200 years, anything needs a little TLC.


I hope you enjoy the pics and follow the process throughout. My goal is to build the perfect wheelchair accessible home. Success? Probably for me, but everyone that is in a wheelchair faces different obstacles, and would need different accommodations. But maybe you will get some ideas here for yourself and to share with others.



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