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Greetings fellow bloggers and blogees. What! Blogee is not a real word?! I can’t imagine. 😉

I was informed it was time for an update on the house. Not mentioning any names of course, but here is the update, as requested, from someone in South Africa. Fortunately for all of you other readers that are just tingling with excitement and anticipation, you get the update also. I will just tack on small notes to the pics, and the videos speak for themselves.  Enjoy!


The is taken from the back corner of Wendy’s and my bedroom. The door on the right goes into our bathroom and the door straight ahead goes into the hall coming in from the garage.


This is taken from the kitchen area looking down the main hall in the house. The first door on the right is the library. The last door on the right leads into Wendell and Hilda’s area of the house.


This is taken from the back corner of the dining room. The main part of the house is an open concept consisting of the dining room, the den that you see here and the kitchen is off to the right. The door on the left also leads into Wendell and Hilda’s end of the home. The two holes on the right that you see will be for the fireplace on the bottom and a built in TV on the top.


This is taken from the back corner of the kitchen looking into the main part of the house. Lots of Windows for lots of light. The double glass door will lead out onto the patio at the back of the house.


This is taken from the bathroom door in Wendy’s and my room, looking across the back of the bedroom.


This is the tub/shower enclose and my roll in shower in Wendy’s and my bathroom. The roll in shower is barrier free with a two inch slope down to an oversized drain at the back of the shower.



Front of the house taken from Avery Road.

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WP_000931 Roof is complete and windows and doors are in!WP_000930


The front door has some nice panels on it but hard to see until it is stained.


All of the windows and doors on the back will let in lots of light.





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blizzardsDespite weather that portends the next ice age, work continues. Last week I made the trek to Maine for meetings with the contractor. I decided to drive the coastal route to avoid the mountains and possible icy roads. But storms chased me all the way there and all the way back to South Carolina. Northeasters, blizzards, sub zeroearthquake temperatures and even an earthquake in South Carolina made for a very interesting and fast paced week. So I did another bobsled run…only this time down interstate 95 in my van! But I finally made it to Maine just in time to get snowed in up there. But the meetings with the contractor were necessary and beneficial.

front doorI had to choose siding, roofing, doors, windows, flooring, kitchen cabinets, vanities, counter tops,imagesZX5SUZZ1 paint colors and plumbing and electrical placements. I told Wendy to stay glued to her phone because I would be asking a lot of questions! After two days of that, I had a wonderful headache and got trapped in Maine by yet another northeaster. The weatherYellow House forecasters kitchenpredicted one sunny day before the next storm hit. I grabbed the opportunity and headed back to South Carolina. I made it as far as Delaware before the storm hit me. I spent the night and woke up the next morning to a beautiful sunny day and clear roads! So the rest of my trip back to South Carolina was smooth sailing.


You can see from the pics that the footers are all set for the cement. As I type this the workers are on sight and should be pouring the cement. I feel like things are starting to fall into place. I am a bit nervous about all of the choices that I made. Once things are ordered and finished, there is no return. I hope the house ends up looking like one that could be in Better Homes and Gardens. My fear is that it will look like The Big, The Bad, and The Ugly. But you know what? We are going to live in it anyway and like it! lol

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